5 of the Best Sous Vide Containers

New to sous vide cooking? Ready to up your game? Or just plain hooked on water bath immersion cooking and want to make the process as easy and efficient as it can possibly be? Your choice of container can make all the difference!

While it’s easy to grab what’s close at hand, that metal stock pot in your cupboard will work, but is not ideal.

It transfers heat from the water bath, so your immersion circulator has to work harder to maintain the proper cooking temperature.

The lid will not fit on the pot with the sous vide circulator in place, so water evaporates and heat escapes. That’s a real disadvantage for recipes with a longer cook time - if you don’t monitor the process carefully, your meal could be ruined.

You cannot get a good view of your food to monitor its progress.

A round container is not the most efficient shape for holding square sous vide bags.

So, what kind of container solves these problems? Food grade polycarbonate is the way to go. Tough and lightweight, polycarbonate has many advantages for sous vide cooking.

Some materials pose a health risk at high temperatures. Food-safe polycarbonate is just that - food-safe.

Polycarbonate containers are clear, so you can see what’s happening to your food during cooking. Marked water lines help you monitor the water level so you can replenish if needed.

Polycarbonate does not absorb heat the way metal does, so the immersion circulator heats just the water and your food. Energy is not wasted on heating the pot.

Square sous vide cooking bags + square cooking containers = efficient cooking.

You can choose from a variety of sizes to best meet your cooking needs. The 12-quart size fits most family meals. And the containers can be used for food storage, too.

Lighter than metal or glass, polycarbonate is easier to move around the kitchen. Look for containers with sturdy handles to simplify carrying.

Lids that fit snugly around many popular immersion circulators are available to minimize heat and water loss - without a plastic wrap wrestling match.

Polycarbonate containers are affordable, readily available and dishwasher-safe.

Which Sous Vide Container Is Right for You?

Cambro Camwear Square Container

Cambro is a long-trusted name in food storage containers and is a top choice among culinary professionals. Their sous vide containers do not disappoint. The durable polycarbonate material is virtually unbreakable, and the square shape makes efficient use of space and energy. Available in several sizes from 2 to 18 quarts, you’ll find them easy to use and store. Stain resistant and dishwasher safe, Cambro containers will stay crystal clear so you can keep an eye on your food as it cooks.

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Lipavi Sous Vide Container

If you like to trick out your kitchen toys with all the bells and whistles, LIPAVI sous vide containers might be for you. The Lipavi brand offers accessories such as lids and racks that fit perfectly with various immersion circulators. With a wide range of sizes from 7 to 26 quarts, there is a container that is perfect for a single meal or a big family feast. Crystal clear and strong polycarbonate tolerate temperatures from freezing to a 210°F water bath. Well-known in commercial kitchens, the brand is seen in more and more home kitchens.

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WyzerPro Sous Vide Container

In the most popular 12-quart size, the WyzerPro Sous Vide Container is compatible with most sous vide immersion circulators and is large enough to cook a whole chicken. Dishwasher safe, cleanup is easy. The polycarbonate material is durable and shatter-resistant for safety. Like other sous vide containers, the WyzerPro’s clear sides let you monitor your food throughout the cooking process.

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Perfect-SousVide Polycarbonate Pan with Custom Lid

If you don’t want to bother with covering your sous vide container with plastic wrap while cooking, the Perfect-SousVide Polycarbonate Pan with Custom Lid might be the perfect choice. The included clear polycarbonate lid has a routed notch to accommodate circulators with diameters up to 3.2 inches. With the strong, clear material you can see to position the cooking pouches and check on cooking progress. The container and lid are dishwasher safe. As a bonus, this model comes with an insulation sheet that you can use underneath the pan to protect your countertop or cut to fit the top, conserving energy.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Carb-X Container

Rubbermaid is one of the most trusted names in food storage, so it’s no surprise that they offer containers that are perfect for sous vide cooking. With size choices ranging from 4 to 22 quarts, there is a Rubbermaid container to fit just about anything in your fridge. The dishwasher-safe, impact-resistant polycarbonate is marked with easy-to-read measurements that do not obscure your view of dinner as it cooks. Safe for temperatures from -40°F to 212°F.

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Put a Lid On It!

Many sous vide chefs cover the hot water bath with plastic wrap, and that is certainly a workable option. Most cooks have a roll or two in their kitchens. It does a good job keeping heat and moisture where they belong - inside the cooking container. But it can be awkward to remove and reapply if you are adding or removing pouches during cooking. That’s where lids dedicated to sous vide containers come in. They are sized to fit and form a good seal. You can put them in the dishwasher along with the cooking container and feel good about not putting extra plastic into the waste stream.

EVERIE Silicone Lid

You can purchase a lid for many sous vide containers at the same time you buy the container. But maybe you want to stretch out your purchases or your favorite container doesn’t come with a lid. That’s okay! You can buy a silicone lid fitted for your brand - just select from the brands in the size list

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