9 Sweet Ways to Use Sweet Potatoes

9 sweet ways to use sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are in season and it's the perfect time to start using them in ev-er-y-thing. This versatile vegetable is full of vitamins A and C and tons of other vitamins and minerals, not to mention that classic comforting flavor we all know and love. With the help of some of our favorite recipe bloggers, we've got recipes for everything from pancakes to chili to fries and we're sharing them all with you!

Sweet [Potato] Tips

Before we get to the recipes, we'd like to bestow upon you the sage wisdom of some of our featured bloggers: These are their best pro tips to help you master this sweet little root vegetable.

Lacey's Tip:

"I like to keep the skin on the sweet potato. Not only does this add extra vitamins into your food, it also add texture and saves prep time."

Danielle's Tips:

"Want your kids to love sweet potatoes? Roasted is the way to go. Toss diced sweet potatoes with extra-virgin olive oil, honey, cinnamon, salt and pepper, roast on a sheet pan for 30 min on 375 and watch everyone gobble them up."

"Steamed sweet potatoes are a fantastic way to introduce babies to sweet potatoes. You can cut them up into cubes once steamed and serve to babies just starting fingers foods. You can also puree them in the food processor once they’re steamed as a tasty alternative to store-bought baby food."

You can even toast sweet potatoes! "Perhaps my new favorite way to enjoy sweet potatoes, cut lengthwise into ¼-inch slices and pop in the toaster (6-7 minutes) as you would a slice of bread! It will come out soft, toasty, and so delicious. Top with smashed avocado, eggs, cream cheese, fruit, Nutella or peanut butter."

Featured Recipes

Now let's dig right in, shall we? Here are some of our favorite sweet potato recipes that are great anytime, but especially during those colder months.

Roasted Sweet Potato & Apple Pancakes

roasted sweet potato pancakesWe can't wait for you to try these sweet potato pancakes from Danielle at Red Kitchenette. These pancakes have a unique sweet roasty flavor that comes from the delightful sweet potato & apple puree. This puree can be used in even more recipes. Read on for more on Danielle's recipes.

Coconut Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew

coconut chicken & sweet potato stewWho new coconut and sweet potato were so perfect together? This stew is comforting, sweet, and filling, especially when eaten over white rice and sprinkled with a little cilantro (sage is also great if you're averse to cilantro).

Spicy Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili

spicy sweet potato and black bean chiliThis spicy sweet potato and black bean chili from Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life is the perfect fall twist on the classic chili recipe. This hearty chili is even better eaten with tortilla chips and savored by the warmth of a fire. Mmm.

Sweet Potato Baked Ziti

sweet potato baked zitiThis recipe uses a spiralizer to make sweet potato noodles that, paired with mushrooms, spinach, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and other delicious ingredients, is the perfect fall pasta dish. It's also a great way to enjoy pasta without gluten.

Sweet Potato Casserole

sweet potato casseroleThis sweet potato casserole from Lacey at A Sweet Pea Chef is perfect for Thanksgiving or anytime the weather turns cold. With its topping made with chopped pecans, coconut sugar, and cinnamon, it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, too! Whether you enjoy this one as a dessert or a side dish, you won't be disappointed.

Crispy Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

crispy roasted sweet potato friesWe're big fans of sweet potato fries at Key Ingredient! This roasted version is super easy to throw together. We recommend enjoying this with a garlic paprika aioli or sriracha mayo.

Sweet Potato Pie

sweet potato pieYou'll love this sweet potato pie from Mel at Adventures of Mel. It's a great alternative to the classic pumpkin pie, with a similar flavor profile and consistency. Enjoy with a nice dollop of whipped cream sprinkled with extra nutmeg, or even some creamy vanilla ice cream.

Paleo Sweet Potato Gnocchi

paleo sweet potato gnocchiIf you've never made homemade gnocchi before, you have to try it with this sweet potato gnocchi! We especially love this garnished with crispy fried sage leaves.

Mango Sweet Potato & Apple Puree

mango sweet potato and apple pureeRemember that sweet potato & apple puree from the sweet potato pancakes above? Here's another great way to enjoy that puree as part of a delicious breakfast, this time with mango added too! This recipe from Danielle at Red Kitchenette layers this awesome puree with yogurt and tops it all off with a sprinkle of granola.

Featured Bloggers

lacey baier a sweet pea chefLacey Baier authors A Sweet Pea Chef while also caring for her three kids and developing her photography, fitness, and of course cooking skills. She is particularly enthusiastic about designing No-Fail meals that are quick, healthy, easy, cost-effective, and sure to please the whole family.

brittany dixon a healthy slice of lifeBrittany Dixon authors the blog A Healthy Slice of Life which focuses on healthy and natural food & lifestyle choices as well as chronicling her experiences as a stay at home mom. Her history as a certified health coach helps inform the content she puts out into the world.

adventures of melMel Lockcuff runs Adventures of Mel while caring for chickens, a cat, and her 3 children. She particularly loves her Instant Pot for quick family dinners, and her blog is dedicated not only to food but also to travel & outdoor adventures with her family.

danielle krupa red kitchenetteDanielle Krupa, M.A., C.H.C., Chef, is the author of the blog Red Kitchenette, where she provides recipes and ideas for creating well-balanced, healthy and adventurous little eaters. She lives in downtown Manhattan with her husband and 2 daughters.

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