26 Recipes for the Strawberry Days of Summer

#26 recipes for the strawberry days of summer

Sweet, juicy strawberries! It’s really summer when local berries ripen at the U-Pick fields and appear at your local farmer’s markets. Lucky for us, we can extend the season thanks to state-of-the art farming and transportation systems that produce more yummy berries for a greater part of the year. And in the dead of winter, you can usually find frozen strawberries at your local grocery.

With more time to enjoy strawberries, we need more recipes to try! There are variations on the classics (whose mom makes the best strawberry shortcake?), but maybe you want more. Lots more. From simple desserts (slice ‘em on ice cream) to berries for breakfast or mixed into cocktails, the succulent strawberry is more versatile than you think! Life is short - we’ll start with dessert!

Sweet and Seductive Strawberry Desserts

Strawberries can do it all. They can provide a sweet finish to a rambunctious family picnic or inspire a quiet romantic evening for two. Here are some fresh variations on the strawberry dessert theme.

Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesYou can't get more classic than strawberry shortcake! Everyone loves it, including folks who are sensitive to gluten. Here's a gluten free shortcake recipe that you can make for everyone - it's that good!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesHmmmmm.... Strawberry cheesecake or strawberry ice cream? Why not both? Combine the best of both worlds (including the graham cracker crust!) to make a cool, refreshing, decadent dessert. Ice cream machines, start your engines!


Strawberry 7-Up Cake

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesPretty in pink, this is an easy poke cake made extra moist with strawberry Jello. Frosted with whipped topping and garnished with fresh strawberries, it will be the hit of any summer picnic.

Strawberry Hand Pies

strawberry hand piesA walkabout dessert that super-easy to serve at casual gatherings, hand-held strawberry pies do not require the formality of fancy tools such as forks. What a fun way to serve pie!

Strawberry Tiramisu

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesOkay, you WILL want forks for this one! Or maybe a spoon to make sure you scoop up every creamy morsel. Grand Marniér and marscapone make this recipe with fresh strawberries memorable.


Silky Strawberry Smoothies

Add sweet fiber and flavor to your smoothies with strawberries. They can add a touch of sweet to a super-healthy green smoothie or take either a starring or supporting role in a fruity concoction. There are some surprises here. Let the blenders begin!


Easy Strawberry Mango Smoothie

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesClose your eyes and imagine yourself on a sunny beach. That's where this combination of strawberries and mangoes with a protein boost of Greek yogurt will take you. Enjoy the ride!

Strawberry Orange Smash Smoothie

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesA touch of vanilla adds an exotic flavor to strawberries and orange juice. Blended with yogurt, this smoothie tastes rich and creamy and is sweetened with Splenda for those who try to avoid added sugar.

Avocado Pistachio Strawberry Smoothie

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesEating more avocados and pistachios is a delicious way to get more "good" fats in our diets. This recipe is a two-fer - you get the smooth richness of avocados and the nutty crunch of pistachios. And there are strawberries. Of course, there are strawberries!

Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesDrink your vegetables! This smoothie gets its color from fresh spinach and its fruity sweetness from strawberries, bananas and orange juice. And that's it! Couldn't be simpler or tastier!


Simply Strawberries

When you want to focus on the strawberries but also want to nudge the edge of the expected a bit, all while keeping it easy, look for recipes with just a few ingredients (perhaps some unpredictable ones) and simple preparation.

Strawberry Champagne Slushies

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesWhat could be simpler (or more elegant) than strawberries and champagne? Try this cool summer refresher in place of mimosas on a steamy summer day.

No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesWhen it's too hot to turn on the oven, an icebox cake is the perfect dessert and so easy! Layers of graham crackers, whipped topping and strawberries chill to form this "cake". Then top it with chocolate drizzle for the win!

Not So Classic Chocolate Filled Strawberries

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesStrawberries and chocolate go together like, well, strawberries and chocolate! And this recipe consists of simply strawberries and melted milk chocolate. Who needs more? Feeling adventurous? Experiment with dark or white chocolate - just because you can.

Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesBalsamic vinegar has a surprising sweetness that pairs perfectly with strawberries. This is an easy make-ahead dessert that just needs a dollop of vanilla ice cream when it's time to serve.

Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesSummer and popsicles make a great team. So do strawberries and yogurt! Blend 'em and freeze 'em and you have a frosty, fruity treat that's great for dessert or a sunny-day snack.


Strawberries: Breakfast of Champions

Start the day with strawberries. Sure, you can slice them onto your cornflakes, but you can do so much more!

Strawberry Soufflé Pancakes

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesFor a special brunch, these light and fluffy pancakes are worthy of the occasion. You'll start this memorable dish on the stovetop, then finish under the broiler. You'll be glad you summoned your kitchen moxie!

Strawberry Shortcake Protein Overnight Oats

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesMix this up the night before and you'll have a healthy breakfast that you can enjoy warmed up or straight out of the frig. Sweetened with honey, maple syrup or blackstrap molasses, the combination of strawberries, oats, Greek yogurt and protein powder will give your day a hearty beginning.

Strawberry Banana Pancake Kebabs

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesWhat a fun version of pancakes to put out for a brunch buffet! Or set the components out for the kids to build their own breakfast. (Do this for the morning after a sleepover, and you'll be the coolest parents ever!) The teeny tiny pancakes are super cute, and you can serve them with or without syrup.

Strawberry French Toast

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesThink grilled cheese, but with strawberries and cream cheese! Dip each sandwich in egg batter before cooking in a hot skillet. A little powdered sugar and a little maple syrup, and you're good to go!


Strawberry Salad Days

Included in a salad, strawberries add a sweetly pleasant surprise. Try strawberries with some greens on the side or in a main dish salad with chicken or other protein.

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesThis spinach salad will become one of your favorites! The sweet strawberries and homemade vinaigrette are a lovely counterpoint to the spinach, gorgonzola, blue cheese and bacon found in a more typical spinach salad.

Strawberry Chicken Salad

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesStrawberries, pears and avocados make this a memorable chicken salad. Marinate chicken breasts in raspberry vinaigrette before cooking to infuse it with flavor. For a sandwich filling, serve the salad greens on the side.

Copycat Panera Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesThe strawberries in this popular restaurant chicken salad are joined by blueberries, Mandarin oranges and pineapple for a blast of flavor and color. The homemade poppy seed dressing is made with orange juice.

Strawberry Lettuce Salad

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesIf you prefer a creamier salad dressing, you'll love this salad! The dressing works up fast in the blender, and the salad itself has just four ingredients (including the strawberries). A Quick summer supper!


Celebration Strawberry Sips

With all these delicious strawberry meal options, we can’t neglect the important beverage category. Summer on the patio is even sweeter with a strawberry-based drinkable!

Moscato Strawberry Lemonade

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesPrepare a pitcher of this lemonade-with-a-kick and your brunch guests will be very happy! It's extra pretty (and less diluted) if you use frozen strawberry slices instead of ice cubes.

Strawberry Rosemary Sangria

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesA summer sangria made with white wine, strawberries, peaches and oranges is a festive refresher on a warm summer day. Plan ahead to allow time for the flavors to blend and the concoction to chill. 

Blazing Sombrero Cocktail

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesA strawberry cocktail with a kick, a slice of jalepeño adds a little fire to tequila and lime. You can add a little or a lot, to your liking.

Strawberry Moscow Mule

stepping out with sensational strawberry recipesMake a batch of strawberry-infused vodka, and you'll be on your way to enjoying sweet, minty cocktails all summer long! Shaken over ice, this is good summer sipping!

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